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Quality Policy

Paragon Geochemical is a mid-size provider of commercial assay lab services to the mining and exploration industries. Paragon is committed to providing assay services that meet all industry and regulatory standards of best practice while consistently beating industry expectations for turnaround time and customer service.

Paragon’s strategic vision is to become a major player in the Nevada market and to leverage this success to expand its footprint into other regions so that as many customers as possible have access to their industry-leading service.

To achieve these goals, Paragon ensures that all of its processes and procedures are documented within its ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) and are readily available to ensure that all staff are operating at their best. The QMS also provides a framework for the constant monitoring of data quality that is directed toward a program of continual improvement.

All Paragon Directors, Management and Staff are made aware of the QMS and their individual roles in the collective success of the company and our customers. This focus is modeled by the highest levels of management in the company, culminating in senior management review, the results of which are communicated to all staff and used to set quality objectives for the coming year.

Paragon senior management also clearly communicates to all staff that reporting of non-conforming practices or results is not meant to be punitive, but is rather a critical part of the program of continual improvement. To view our Quality Objectives please click here.