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Welcome to Paragon Geochemical, a leading provider of commercial assay lab services to the mining and exploration industries. Our dedication to excellence sets us apart, as we strive to not only meet but exceed industry and regulatory standards of best practice. At Paragon, we take pride in consistently outperforming industry expectations for turnaround time and delivering exceptional customer service.

Our strategic vision centers around becoming a major player in the Nevada market. We aim to leverage this success to expand our footprint into other regions, ensuring that our industry-leading services are accessible to as many customers as possible.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we have implemented an ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management System (QMS). This system documents all of our processes and procedures, empowering our staff to operate at their best. With the QMS in place, we can continuously monitor data quality and embark on a journey of continual improvement.

At Paragon, we believe that every individual within our organization plays a vital role in our collective success, including our Directors, Management, and Staff. We make sure that everyone is well-informed about the QMS and how their efforts contribute to the company’s success and ultimately benefit our valued customers. This focus on quality is exemplified by our senior management, who conduct thorough reviews to assess our performance. The results of these reviews are communicated transparently throughout the organization, and they guide us in setting quality objectives for the upcoming year.

In the spirit of continual improvement, we encourage our staff to report any non-conforming practices or results they encounter. We emphasize that this process is not meant to be punitive but serves as a critical aspect of our improvement program.

For a detailed overview of our Quality Objectives, follow this link:

At Paragon Geochemical, we are committed to excellence, driven by innovation, and dedicated to serving our customers with unparalleled service. Join us on our journey toward shaping the future of the mining and exploration industries with our unwavering pursuit of quality and continuous improvement.