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Employment at Paragon entails steadfast dedication to personal and collective growth, all within a captivating enterprise that yields intriguing outcomes. Once you immerse yourself in this experience, you won’t want to leave.

Highly Experienced Team

Within our esteemed management team, we are privileged to have an abundance of vast and varied experience, garnered over the years of dedicated service and professional excellence. Each member brings a unique set of skills and knowledge, contributing to the collective expertise that drives our organization forward.

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Our processes incorporate innovative techniques that offer numerous efficiency advantages, resulting in significantly reduced error rates. With our original methods in place, we ensure streamlined operations and consistently high levels of accuracy, setting the foundation for our continued success.

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At Paragon, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing for services that are typically classified as ‘rush’ within the industry. Despite the urgency involved, we remain committed to maintaining affordability without compromising the quality and efficiency of our services. Our dedication to providing routine prices for these high-priority offerings sets us apart from the competition and reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Paragon will prepare and analyze geological samples to quantify precious and base metal contents.

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High quality results produced by Paragon’s expert management team help ensure the fastest turnaround times in the Geochemistry Industry.

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Our Story:
With an extensive experience collaborating with industry decision-makers, we boast a substantial track record of conceiving and refining top-tier analytical methods, characterized by exceptional efficiency and a minimal margin of error. Our meticulous scrutiny of all facets pertaining to ongoing business operations underscores our commitment to furnishing superlative products while upholding a competitive pricing model.