Paragon Geochemical is a mid-size provider of commercial assay lab services to the mining and exploration industries.

Paragon is committed to providing assay services that meet all industry and regulatory standards of best practice while consistently beating industry expectations for turnaround time and customer service. Read below for a detailed description of our sample preparation process.

On-Site Services

Design, construction and management of custom-built facilities directly at your location.

Sample Preparation

Our fully equipped facility can accommodate a wide range of sample preparation protocols.

Sample Analysis

A variety of instrumental and wet chemical services are offered for determining elemental and chemical composition.


Dependable Quality. Rapid Turnaround. Unmatched Value.

Paragon’s core conviction is that to provide value, results of unquestionable quality must be reported rapidly for informed decision making. Our service offerings include a wide range of analytical techniques to suit the needs of the mining industry.