On-Site Services

On-Site Services

Dedicated On-Site Sample Preparation

For operations generating hundreds of samples per day, the most expedient preparation solution is often to dry, crush, split and pulverize material directly adjacent to the core shed. This greatly reduces both the time taken to complete preparation and the volume of freight to the assay lab.

Our team have a wealth of experience designing, building and operating these optimized on-site facilities across the world, making it a core competency of Paragon Geochemical.

On-site sample preparation solutions are highly tailored to the client’s individual situation and requirements. Existing structures, staffing and equipment can be integrated into an optimized facility, or Paragon can support the client’s development of their own preparation capabilities.

Contact us today to find out what we can offer your project. 

Dedicated On-Site Laboratory

Operating mines typically require grade control and processing samples to be turned around faster than can be realistically performed at an external laboratory. For these cases, an on-site solution is required.

Paragon’s team have designed, built, commissioned, and operated on-site assay labs at gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, tungsten, bismuth and iron ore mining projects all around the world. Drawing on a vast base of knowledge and experience, we recognize the challenges of performing delicate analytical techniques at remote locations far from OEM service engineers and spare parts warehouses. We design our on-site labs around a set of proven, robust instruments and equipment paired with rigorous maintenance protocols.

The analytical methods employed at our on-site labs are the same as those at our flagship geochemical lab in Sparks, and the same, strict quality control regime is applied, so you can be assured of the reliability of delivered results. An on-site lab offers you the highest level of tailoring to your individual requirements.

Paragon can also assist with existing on-site lab projects whether they’re at the stage of construction, commissioning or already in operation. Contact us today to find out what we can offer your project. 


Dependable Quality. Rapid Turnaround. Unmatched Value.

Paragon’s core conviction is that to provide value, results of unquestionable quality must be reported rapidly for informed decision making. Our service offerings include a wide range of analytical techniques to suit the needs of the mining industry.