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Quality Objectives

Paragon Geochemical, a reputable mid-size provider of commercial assay services to the mining and exploration industries, upholds a steadfast commitment to delivering assay lab services that not only meet industry and regulatory standards of best practice but also exceed industry expectations for turnaround time and customer service.

To ensure our dedication to data quality, customer satisfaction, and strategic vision, we have identified key metrics that serve as quantifiable measures of our performance:

  1. Timely Logging and Notification: All client samples are promptly logged into our laboratory information management system (LIMS) within 24 hours of receipt, and clients receive immediate notifications of receipt.
  2. Quality Assurance: Products and data undergo rigorous assessment against defined quality metrics in the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each process or analytical method before release to the client. We strive to achieve an internal reanalysis rate of <5% and a client-requested reanalysis rate of <0.2%. Our targeted data quality failure rate, discovered by any client, is set at <0.01%, or less than one data failure for every 10,000 determinations.
  3. Swift Reporting: Final data for all samples received in good order and with complete paperwork are reported within 7-10 days.
  4. Client Satisfaction: Our goal is to achieve a client satisfaction rating of >85% as measured by an annual client survey, and we are committed to documenting and addressing 100% of the issues identified.
  5. Client Retention: We strive to maintain a 100% client retention rate unless a mutual decision is made to sever the working relationship. In the event of unintentional client loss, we proactively reach out for remediation and re-establishment of the working relationship.
  6. Staff Retention: Recognizing the impact of staff turnover on quality and efficiency, we aim for an annual staff turnover rate of <5% for management positions and 20% for technicians.
  7. Market Share and Revenue Targets: We regularly evaluate our Total Revenue/market share targets to ensure they align with client expectations. By comparing lab revenues to third-party data analysis for industry exploration budgets, we assess our current market share against the forecasted share and adjust forecasts as necessary.
  8. Data Quality Evaluation: We measure data quality using GeoStats semi-annual round-robin results, continuously investigating lab data failures for improvement opportunities.
  9. ISO/IEC 17025 Certification: We maintain our ISO/IEC 17025 certification to demonstrate our commitment to quality management and adherence to international standards.
  10. Productivity and Efficiency Tracking: Productivity benchmarks are tracked on a daily basis, with reports issued within 12 hours of each day’s activity (excluding weekends and holidays). We maintain an overall efficiency rate of a minimum of 75% for the lab, and department managers engage in monthly discussions to ensure efficiency targets are met.
  11. Safety and Incidents Monitoring: We track and discuss lost time injuries, first aid applications, safety incidents, and near misses with department managers on a monthly basis. All injuries and incidents undergo thorough investigations to determine root causes and establish preventive measures.
  12. Regulatory Compliance: Quarterly updates of all business activities under agency oversight, as well as required record keeping, are reviewed to ensure compliance. Any non-compliant citations or warnings prompt immediate action and remediation.
  13. Risk Analysis: We undertake an annual Risk Register analysis, recording all identified risks. High-penalty risks receive dedicated investigation and mitigation efforts to ensure risk avoidance.

For more details, you can find our Quality Policy by following this link.

At Paragon Geochemical, we continuously strive for excellence and aim to surpass industry benchmarks, guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction for our valued clients while maintaining the highest standards of service in the mining and exploration sectors.