Terms and Conditions


Paragon makes no warranties for its services or results.  Liability is limited to either the reanalysis of the samples in dispute or a refund of the invoiced amount.  The liability limit also applies to the loss or damage of samples, as well as to losses from the client’s use of reported results.


It is the client’s sole responsibility to select Services that best suit the client’s needs.  The client must consider method analytes, recoveries, reportable ranges, detection limits, and confidence intervals before selecting any given method.


Fee rates may change at any time due to unforeseen cost increases in Paragon’s operating expenses.  The client will be provided a 30-day written notice if contracted prices rise unexpectedly.  Cost may also increase if client-demanded changes such as turnaround, reporting/invoicing requirements, results tolerances, or other variables change.


Payment terms are 30 days from invoice dates unless negotiated otherwise.  Fees paid after 30 days will be subject to interest charges of 1.5% per month.  Late payments may delay any outstanding analysis reports until payments are satisfied.  Late payments for storage fees may result in discarding sample materials held in storage.  Any charges borne by Paragon in order to recover delinquent fees will be paid by the client.